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Now Power Your Business From Top to Bottom with Propjini CRM.

Lead Management

Convert Leads Into Loyal Customers

Get all your leads in one place and take control of your follow up. Work smarter, deliver a first-class client experience and close more deals.

Capture leads from 3rd party portals.
Import leads in bulk from spreadsheets.
Automated lead assignment.
Nurture high intent leads with timely follow-ups.
Get meaningful insights on leads.
close the deals faster.
Activity Management

Never miss to follow up leads.

View all your activities at single place to plan your day efficiently. Schedule activities, tasks, meetings, Site visits, and more with your contacts or leads. Receive instant reminders and notifications for overdue activities.

Keep track of your important tasks and activities.
Collaborate and assign tasks to your team.
Automate time-consuming tasks.
Send automatic meeting & site visit reminders to leads.
Employee Management

Manage Your Team Effectively.

Create different Roles and teams to get a clear picture of the leads and activities they are working on. also share real-time updates with your sales & marketing team.

Track employee day-to-day presence and activity.
Make things easier for managers.
Put an end to double entry errors.
Instant employee performance reports.
Increases sales & team productivity.
Bulk SMS

Engage Leads With bulk SMS Campaigns

Run beautiful SMS broadcast campaigns to engage your prospects, leads, customers, or contacts.

Select one of the awesome SMS templates, pick the target segment and send it. Track send and received rates and compare performance across different campaigns and segments.

Stay connected with your missed, untouced leads.
Target your whole database of contacts & groups.
You get impressive response & conversion rate.
Minimal Effort, Cost-Effective, High engagement
Property-Project Management

Sell from anywhere..

With an easy,clean interface form, you can easily create attractive listings of your rental or sellable properties & Projects. also Share your listings easily on social media like facebook,SMS,Email or whatsapp and feature them on your website to attract more buyers.

Get showing feedback on your properties using an quick feedback form - no more history or book records need to maintain.

Manage records of your rental or sellable properties.
Market your properties.
Maintain property feedback after sitevisit.
Get more visits by sending time to time reminders.
Account Management

Keep track of every payment of every deal

Account Management for sold and rented properties allows you to record rental properties expiry, track and manage payment receipts, create reports, and prepare for tax season in minutes instead of hours (or days).

Keep track of every payment of each account.
Calculate net commissions on each transaction.
Send payment reminders.
Directly upload your payment receipts for each trasaction.
Expense Management

Say goodbye to manual expense reporting and lost receipts

When your business automates and integrates expense management, you can capture spending from multiple sources, plan and make spending decisions based on accurate data, reimburse employees more quickly, and simplify the expense reporting process for everyone.

See all of your expense data in one place.
Submit, review, and approve expense reports on the go.
Easy expense tracking.
Website Management

Make Professional Web Presence

Build super-fast, beautiful, responsive Website in minutes without coding. Map the website to your desired domain and capture leads directly from your website. it will really help to boost your marketing.Contact and housing search information flows from the website to the CRM.

Creative websites bring infinite possibilities.
Increased productivity and less admin work.
Convert website visitor into lead.
Enhance a user’s experience by providing instant help.

Get Real-Time Insights with Dashboard

Making the correct business decision isn’t always easy. Stay up-to-date with real-time sales insights on the dashboard.

View daily weekly or monthly performace of team members, activity reminders, and more at a glance on the dashboard.

Quick snapshot of your sales activity.
It keeps your team on track.
Get a visual overview and a clearer picture of business.
Boost service levels and grow your business.

What Makes Propjini Different

If you’re like most agents, you want to provide an amazing customer experience and build an incredibly successful real estate business. The problem is that most agents are still running their business the old fashioned way. They haven’t automated their marketing or transactions, and so they’re working too hard and leaving lots of money on the table.

PROPJINI is built by Industry Expersts for agents as you need. So you can automate your business, convert more leads and actually live the lifestyle you came here for.

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Now, manage your leads, customers, properties, accounts, employees, Professinal website On Single Platform.

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